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Developing with govCMS (Part 2 of 2)

28 September 2015

Part 2 of the govCMS development guide covers the usage of govCMS-devkit. govCMS-devkit allows for quick and easy local development in a VM, and automatically clones the latest master database from Acquia Cloud, and proxies assets (images, files) to the Acquia Cloud master preventing the need to sync files.

The govCMS-devkit also provides options for spinning up a development environment in AWS EC2, and linking to GitHub for automated Pull Request environment building.

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Developing with govCMS (Part 1 of 2)

28 September 2015

With so many govCMS sites under development by different development teams it's important to try and standardise some of the practices being used.

We have spent significant effort in trying to streamline processes and tools behind govCMS. The hope is with everybody working in a consistent manner the community contributionbs can extend beyond the codebase itself into the processes driving development.

This guide will outline how to get started developing on the govCMS platform. The assumption is that this is for sites that will be hosted on govCMS, but it may be useful for standalone projects as well.

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Install Windows 7/8/10 to bootable external USB (Bootcamp)

20 September 2015

Instead of using precious local disk space on your Mac it's possible to create a bootable Windows installation on an external USB drive using this guide.

In my case I also wanted a time-machine backup partition on the same drive for added flexibility.

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Easiest ways to start playing with Drupal 8 and (optionally) PHP 7

07 September 2015

Drupal 8 has been in development for a really, really long time. It's getting to the point where things are stabilising enough that we are seeing Drupal 8 sites in the wild. As of Sept 4th 8.x-beta15 was released, which provides a beta-to-beta upgrade path, so you will be able to easily upgrade to future betas and release candidates.

Now is the perfect time to start familiarising yourself with Drupal 8, and if you're feeling extra brave test is out with PHP 7. It's incredibly fast.

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